First Program to Offer Business and Vocational Training

First Program to Offer Business and Vocational Training

Given the opportunity to learn basic business and vocational skills a woman’s newly acquired earning power reshapes her family and community.  From this platform of empowerment, women learn to manage their health, build support networks and serve as examples for other women.

It is from this principle that XSProject launched our first program to offer business and vocational training to six young women and mothers from Jakarta’s trash picker community.  By being able to generate income from their skills, they will no longer need to join their husbands as scavengers and trash pickers. The goal is to create sustainable change for them, their children and their community.

The group will be meeting on Thursdays for three months of training. Instructors,Yanti and Asep are teaching them to make jewelry and decorative hair ornaments. They also learn basic business skills such as managing raw materials costs, determining reasonable labor costs, and how to establish the selling price of the products they make.  After this training is completed, XSProject will assist these new entrepreneurs by helping them sell their products.

XSProject plans to start a second group who will learn different vocational skills but who can collaborate with the first group, invest in business together, and help each other grow and learn.

Making Beaded Necklaces

Getting instructions on making hair ornaments

I made this necklace!
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