Poverty talk at PIE JIS (Jakarta International School)

Poverty talk at PIE JIS (Jakarta International School)

On  Januari 15, 2015 delegation from XS project MS. Retno visiting PIE JIS (Jakarta International School) to talk to the students regarding the poverty issue, in XSProject case it will in the area of trash pickers community . Trash picker community will be a great example of poverty matters for the students, as the talk will be focus on 4 (four) points as details below;

1.why the people they help are poor
2.what problems or difficulties these people face in their daily lives
3.what the XSProject doing to help lift these people out of poverty
4.what the children themselves can do to assist people in poverty

The outcome of making donation and better a continuously and consistently donation will be great and appreciated by the community. There 56 and more children that XSProject need to provide with school expenses ranging from grade 1 to SMK and also project of Micro financing for the moms, so they can learn new skills to help generate extra income for the family.

After talk regarding the poverty issue, students could asked directly to the Ms. Retno about the talks. They are very was enthusiastic ask questions to Ms.Retno. The talked was also to remind the fortunate children to be grateful with they have and to be thankful to their parents for giving them the life that they have now.. That the fortunate children realize that there’s people who live under poverty and also can make some donation for XSProject community or others community further.

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