Distribution of School Supplies

Distribution of school supplies

The new semester started on January 5 and the students enrolled in XSProject’s, XSEducation program  have headed back to school. The day before school started, XSProject General Manager, Retno met with about 56 of the students and their parents. She handed out new shoes, uniforms, and backpacks of books, and other school supplies and talked about the importance of being good students and not skipping any days of school or missing classes.

This semester, in addition to their supplies, twelve Middle School students received their first bicycles. They also got instruction on the importance of safety and wearing their helmets any time they are riding. Each bike also has a lock so it can be secured in the school yard.  Many students in the area ride their bikes to school so of course, the XSProject students can now ride with their friends.  Thanks goes to several generous GlobalGiving donors for funding the bicycles.

Each semester, the XSEducation program supports more children and families. The pre-schooler’s move into the First Grade and new little ones join the pre-school program. At XSProject, we see positive changes in the children and the families as the students advance to the next grade.  No students have dropped out of school  and they are all hungry for more learning.

Thank You For Your Donation.

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