Eye Check up Part.2

Eye Check up Part.2

Eye Check up Part.2

This second further  medical checkup for kids from the first check up who given for mothers from Cirenedeu. Kiki and Nurul Nurse From RSIA Lestari who examine the kids eye’s. The Check up using Optotype Snellen, Ring card Landolt, E test card, and Sheridan/Gardiner test card. Optotype Snellen consist of series of letters with different size and gradual also consists of a series of letters arranged in a horizontal row, letters that top is the big one, getting more lower more smaller. Patients Optotype Snellen able to read from a distance of 6 m , because in this distance the eye will see things in rest condition or without accommodation . the reading start with using right eye by firstly closing the left eye. And then doing by interchangeably. While waiting for their turn, the children can play and read a books that are available.

Activity eye examination is held because previously there was one of the child scavengers called Bagas have sickness of myopia eye disorders, so that required examination by an ophthalmologist and now Bagas wear glasses. Was recorded About 40 children in the public eye examination was attend on Friday, July 4, 2014, and almost most of the children were experiencing of eye disorders have sickness of myopia.

Hopefully with the holding of eye examination and eyeglasses given to those who suffer from myopia may help them to better focus on learning so that they get the achievements that can change their lives better in the future.

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