Counseling “keluarga Berencana / Planned Family”

Counseling “keluarga Berencana / Planned Family”

Counseling “keluarga Berencana / Planned Family”

Planned Family or known as Keluarga berencana (KB) is a movement to build a healthy family dan prosperous with limiting births. This movement began in proclaimed since tha last of 1970’s. KB was significantly planned a member of family with limiting the amount of member by using contraception or prevention of birth tools such as condoms, spiral,IUD and etc. the ideal member in family  is two.

Knowledge about KB is highly important for XSProject Community that already have been family. so that’s why, holding of this extension are able to get knowledge about family planned or known as Keluarga Berencana from multiple viewpoint so could be able to give the benefit for their life in the future.

This Counseling was delivered by Nurse Hesti helped by Nurse Yanti from RSIA Lestari. Women’s from XSproject community very interested and enthusiastic by asking question around KB to the nurse. The counseling ended by giving outpatient card from RSIA Lestari for the mothers who willing to use the proper contraception as they needs.

Thank you RSIA Lestari.

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