Eye Check Up for XSProject Community

Eye Check Up for XSProject Community

Eye Check Up for XSProject Community

One of XSHealth Program is free eye checkup which gave by XSProject co worked with dr.Titi from RSIA Lestari. This program held every Friday (27 June 214) at 09.00 – 11.00 WIB. And estimated will be held 2 or 3 meeting every Friday. Because this Eye Checkup given for all  XSProject Community ( which is for Dad, Mom, and their children), around 90 up to 100 Person.

Dr Titi helped by Kiki and Nurul Nurses from RSIA Lestari. This nurses who helped Dr.Titi checking the patient. In This first Fridy there been around 35 person who will be schedule to take a checkup. Most of them is farsighted (mostly affected to people age of 40 and above), they instantly given farsighted glasses. And the teenagers mostly have problem with nearsighted glasses. For this kind of case will be given further examination at RSIA Lestari Hospital that will be scheduled with Dr.Titi.

Mothers who received eye glasses is very pleased, because they could see and read more clearly than before. And they very helped to do their routine activity especially to make the craft (such as sequin and sewing) for additional income.

Tharnk you to dr. Titi and RSIA Lestari for Eye Glasses donations.

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