Health Screening @JIS 2014

Health Screening @JIS 2014

Health Screening @JIS 2014

In the context of healthcare, The XSproject  community organize a medical checkup or known or popular with Health screening, the event  held regularly once in 6 month  for the trash picker from cirendeu.

And at 19th of may 2014, the Health Screening held at JIS, Around 30th  of family from cirendeu that attend  to participate for this medical checkup. One of the participant Bagas ( 7th year old) with his grandma. In the health screening before the complain from bagas he is unable to read form normal distance.

From that check up bagas could know what he complain is  a nearsighted vision impairment or minus on the eyes. In the health screening this time bagas complaining about physically unfit, which is cough is his main problem. From this health screening gave so many benefit for those who couldn’t take a medical checkup routinely at hospital because of financial problem.

On this occasion health screening divided into three group. First group is for children under 5 years. And then continue it by children from primary school along with all of mothers and the last children from junior school and high school, and man.   In the middle of wait their turn examination, the children were invited to play, exercise, and making crafts which mentored by JIS students. The children were very excited and happy. Before returning the children are given parcel containing a toothbrush, toothpaste, vitamins and plaster.

After Health Screening Event, was held a mini fashion show from the works of sewing class kids from the Cirendeu junior high school that previously held on every Wednesday during 3 month. This sewing class held by the JIS students, they teach Cirendeu junior high school making patterns, cutting material and sewing skirt. Besides skirts, they also teach a simple sablon above the shirt. The results of this sewing class that was exhibited in a mini fashion show.

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