ICVR/ICDS, Temanggung 2014

ICVR/ICDS, Temanggung 2014

ICVR/ICDS, Temanggung 2014

Last Thursday, 20 March 2014, XSProject took part in The 1st International Conference on Village Revitalization in conjoint event with The 9th International Conference of Design for Sustainability, Destination 2014-2018. The event was held in Kandangan Village, Temanggung, Central Java, the home of Magno Radio.

The theme of the event is “It’s Time Back to Village”. Now is the right time to think about how village can be a place for future living. Village has a lot of potentials to be a comfortable living place, and also a sustainable community, independent and good social structure. This momentum comes when development in information and communication technology opens the isolation in the remote areas. Village promises a better living quality for human and nature.

Thank you for all inspiring speakers Daichi IwaseGede KresnaPraveen NaharKyoko Okutani , Eko Prawoto, Iskandar Waworuntu, Pitt Berkemeyer,Singgih Susilo Kartono and Fumi Matsuda.
Our wonderful new friends, or shall we say.. comrades?, who never stop to show us how a great human being could be. Passionate, kind, benevolent, humble, fun, a bit crazy, genuine and the list is on and on.
The amazing volunteers for their impressive work.
And of course our most cordial and gracious host Mr Singgih and Mrs Tri Wahyuni.
Last but not least the warmhearted villagers of Kandangan.

It was absolutely a day to remember for the rest of our life. The day we know that the future is bright because there are people who will make difference and stand for what is right.To better earth and humanity!

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