XSProject visited IFFINA 2014

XSProject visited IFFINA 2014
XSProject visited IFFINA 2014
On 15th of March 2014, XSProject visited IFFINA 2014. A yearly event to showcase Indonesian true talents in furniture and craft to the international market, which is held in Parkir Timur Senayan from 14 to 17 March 2014.
Indonesia Furniture Design Community (HDMI) was in full support for the event. They were showcasing Indonesian Designer original designs and providing  furniture education for younger generation on d-INsight ” To Green Design” with HDMI. One of rundown is Green Design Talk show with Green Designer Ivan Christianto and Joshua Simanjuntak to share their experience and understanding on Green and Sustainable Design. Another speaker is Dita Ramadhani from WWF Indonesia Forest Program to share with us on Wood Certification to eliminate illegal logging and how Designer can make a difference through the system.
As a designer, they could dictate the lifestyle trend through producing products that are responsible for the environment. Choosing this method, the designer should be aide with availability of the right information on relating aspects such material, process and paradigm. Thus this discussion forum is appropriate to accommodate this need.
During the talk show, XSProject was honored to be invited to share our work,vision and mission to the crowd of enthuse Green Designers. The thought provoking discussion assure us that the future of Green Design in Indonesia is shining bright. Though we could not be complacent as there are big hurdles to tackle. One of them is the lack of awareness of the market on this issue. Thus Education is very important to bring the message accros s. Hopefully there will be more of gatherings and events like this to strengthen our movement for a better Earth and Humanity.
“Everything at some points come from nature, It is how you use the material that dictates the environmental impact. The problem is with use – how people use the products – and design dictating the way in which the system can be far more sustainable. ” – Leyla Acaroglu

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