Presentation XSproject in Sinarmas World Academy


Presentation XSproject in Sinarmas World Academy

On January 27, 2014 XSProject held a presentation to Grade 5 students at Sinarmas World Academy, as one of XSproject educational vision for future generation. In this presentation we explained about the problem of plastic waste. The students were encourage to be active in discussion on the subject. They were also given guidance on ideas that could have done to help the campaign and fundraising, including exhibitions in the classroom and at school.


This was soon followed by the students getting a good look at the products that XS Project produces. Immediately many of the students wanted to buy some of these products, although they were not for sale – just as sample. The students got very excited figuring out what were they made of – which range from plastic refill pouches, car seat covers, billboard to candy wrappers.

Finally the students got to ask questions until we were ran out of time. The students were then challenged to think of solutions and actions that they could do to solve the waste problems. 

We all look forward to seeing where the students will take on this – there are a lot of possibilities that are only restricted my our own imaginations!


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