Meet The Makers 8

 Meet The Makers was held again this year at KOI Kemang on 21=23 November 2013. This is the eighth event of empowering local makers of Indonesian traditional art and craft. The event was started with a talkshow titled “The People Behind The Products”. It was opened by Mrs Nia Ismoyo, as the initiator of this event. In her speech she hope that people are not only appreciate the final products but also know and valued the people who made the products.
The first speaker for the talkshow is Madame Nela, a Dayak Ngaju native from Kalimantan Tengah who is an expert in cane work of traditional Dayak Ngaju. Her work has been sold as far as Switzerland. The second speaker is Mr Mulyadi from Petak Danum Foundation which supporting and empowering the local cane work of Dayak Ngaju. In his book titled “Kami Tak Akan Jatuh Untuk Yang Kedua Kalinya (We will Never Fall For The Second Time”, Mr Mulyadi shared about the foundation struggle tov promote this local craft. The foundation help such as the provision of premises, raw materials, and marketing in order to help traditional craft alive and improve the welfare of Dayak Ngaju community.
The next speaker is from Yogyakarta, Mr Hariadi Mardoyo of Pekunden Keramik and Mrs Sancaya Rini or familiarly called Mrs Rini. She is a batik makers that uses materials from nature for coloring such as dried leaves, fruits that have been damaged, organic wastes, and others that do not damage the environment. The event then interspersed with appearances of traditional music of Badui and traditional dances of Dayak Ngaju. This section is then concludes with an explanation on the Badui culture from Ms Filomena as observers of Badui culture.

The whole talkshow is then colsed with the opening ceremony by Mrs Nuning, as the representative of Mrs. Martha Tilaar, Indonesian Leading Women Entrepreneur who is a true support of local values and craftmenship.

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