Pre-school Class @Ragunan Zoo with JIS


It was a sunny Tuesday morning and all of our Pre-school Students have been all dressed up to the nine. Accompanied by their mothers they were waiting for the volunteers to pick them up to the Ragunan Zoo.  Once the volunteers arrived and everyone presence was checked the group were ready to go with 2 buses provided by JIS.


Arriving at Ragunan Zoo, the group was welcomed by another group of volunteer who has prepared goodie bags, which contain snack, drink, worksheet and hat that the whole group wear for identification, and ticket for them. The group the took a train ride to get around the Zoo, we stopped by once in a while to get close with the animals. During this trip, the children also get to do a worksheet to mark what animals they saw during the tour, while doing this they learnt the name of animals,such as elephants, tigers, tapirs, monkeys, crocodiles and many more.

Image      Image

Image     Image

After completed the round, we took shelter on one of the Gazeboo in the Zoo to rest and enjoy the snack that has been prepared by the volunteers. The activity then followed by an art craft class. Each child did colouring an animal mask that was assisted by their mother to cut and applied the rubber strap. Once the mask is done the children wore it and took pictures together. The trip is coming to end and everyone was ready to go home. It has been a wonderful day and memories to keep for everyone. Farewell Elephants, lions, monkeys and  all other friends fron the Ragunan Zoo!

Image       Image

Image       Image

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