XSProject at Asia Fair Trade Conference

While Mato and Najat were busy attending the guests at the office. Retno was at the Asia Fair Trade Conference in Goa, India from 9th – 12th October 2012. Fair trade members from Asia and Global, donors and  buyers from 22 countries were attending the Conference.

Sementara Mato dan Najat sibuk menerima tamu-tamu yang datang ke kantor. Retno mengikuti Konferensi Fair Trade Asia di Goa, India dari tanggal 9 sampai 12 Oktober 2012. Anggota Fair Trade dari Asia maupun Global, donor dan buyer dari 22 negara menghadari Konferensi tersebut.

The purpose of the attandance is to observe and learn as much as possible what Fair Trade is about since XSProject just joined the Fair Trade Indonesia www.ffti.info  and Asia www.wfto at the beginning of this year.

Tujuan XSProject menghadiri konferensi ini adalah untuk mengamati dan belajar sebanyak mungkin mengenai Fair Trade, karena XSProject baru saja bergabung dengan Fair Trade Indonesia dan Asia di awal tahun ini.

The new elected President of WFTO Asia this year is from Nepal and the 2 Directors are from India and Bangladesh.

Presiden WFTO yang baru terpilih tahun ini adalah dari Nepal dan 2 Director nya dari India dan Bangladesh

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