The Sunday Profile: Retno Hapsari, XSProject General Manager


Retno Hapsari stands in the middle of a group of noisy children, bubbles and snatches of excited chatter floating above their heads. It is hard to imagine there is a hotter place in Jakarta at this moment. Piles of burning rubbish spread eye-watering smoke over the settlement.

There is no vegetation. Children and adults look for respite from the heat in scraps of shade, resting in between forays to collect and sort trash.

Hapsari has just delivered toy cars and bubble blowers to the families in a South Jakarta trash-picking community that her organization, XSProject, supports.

The foundation recycles plastic and other waste materials into a wide range of products that are sold in Indonesia and, increasingly, to overseas markets as well. Part of the proceeds go directly to the community, and toward the cost of educating its children.

Read more at The Jakarta Globe.


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