Indonesia: the toughest place in the world to be a bin man

The BBC’s series “The toughest place to be…….” takes a British worker to another part of the (developing) world to spend time doing his job in local conditions. It bought Londoner Wilbur Ramirez to Jakarta, where he spent ten days with Imam Syaffi. It was a revelation for Wilbur, and even for us living in Jakarta, a reminder of why the work of organizations like XSProject is so important, and that there is still so much to be done.

From the BBC website:

For ten days London bin man Wilbur Ramirez worked in Indonesia, collecting the rubbish from the homes in the capital city, Jakarta. He joined Imam Syaffi, a local Sampa (residential rubbish collector), as he went door to door in a wealthy neighborhood, taking away the rubbish in his rickety handcart. On Wilbur’s last day he gave Imam the day off and did his round for him.

Imam invited Wilbur to stay in his home, a tiny shack near a small rat-infested rubbish dump, and they quickly became friends.

Wilbur and Imam are both devoted family men who work hard and like a laugh. They both do the same job, but their lives couldn’t be more different.

More information at BBC2

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