ICVR/ICDS, Temanggung 2014

ICVR/ICDS, Temanggung 2014

ICVR/ICDS, Temanggung 2014

Last Thursday, 20 March 2014, XSProject took part in The 1st International Conference on Village Revitalization in conjoint event with The 9th International Conference of Design for Sustainability, Destination 2014-2018. The event was held in Kandangan Village, Temanggung, Central Java, the home of Magno Radio.

The theme of the event is “It’s Time Back to Village”. Now is the right time to think about how village can be a place for future living. Village has a lot of potentials to be a comfortable living place, and also a sustainable community, independent and good social structure. This momentum comes when development in information and communication technology opens the isolation in the remote areas. Village promises a better living quality for human and nature.

Thank you for all inspiring speakers Daichi IwaseGede KresnaPraveen NaharKyoko Okutani , Eko Prawoto, Iskandar Waworuntu, Pitt Berkemeyer,Singgih Susilo Kartono and Fumi Matsuda.
Our wonderful new friends, or shall we say.. comrades?, who never stop to show us how a great human being could be. Passionate, kind, benevolent, humble, fun, a bit crazy, genuine and the list is on and on.
The amazing volunteers for their impressive work.
And of course our most cordial and gracious host Mr Singgih and Mrs Tri Wahyuni.
Last but not least the warmhearted villagers of Kandangan.

It was absolutely a day to remember for the rest of our life. The day we know that the future is bright because there are people who will make difference and stand for what is right.To better earth and humanity!

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XSProject visited IFFINA 2014

XSProject visited IFFINA 2014
XSProject visited IFFINA 2014
On 15th of March 2014, XSProject visited IFFINA 2014. A yearly event to showcase Indonesian true talents in furniture and craft to the international market, which is held in Parkir Timur Senayan from 14 to 17 March 2014.
Indonesia Furniture Design Community (HDMI) was in full support for the event. They were showcasing Indonesian Designer original designs and providing  furniture education for younger generation on d-INsight ” To Green Design” with HDMI. One of rundown is Green Design Talk show with Green Designer Ivan Christianto and Joshua Simanjuntak to share their experience and understanding on Green and Sustainable Design. Another speaker is Dita Ramadhani from WWF Indonesia Forest Program to share with us on Wood Certification to eliminate illegal logging and how Designer can make a difference through the system.
As a designer, they could dictate the lifestyle trend through producing products that are responsible for the environment. Choosing this method, the designer should be aide with availability of the right information on relating aspects such material, process and paradigm. Thus this discussion forum is appropriate to accommodate this need.
During the talk show, XSProject was honored to be invited to share our work,vision and mission to the crowd of enthuse Green Designers. The thought provoking discussion assure us that the future of Green Design in Indonesia is shining bright. Though we could not be complacent as there are big hurdles to tackle. One of them is the lack of awareness of the market on this issue. Thus Education is very important to bring the message accros s. Hopefully there will be more of gatherings and events like this to strengthen our movement for a better Earth and Humanity.
“Everything at some points come from nature, It is how you use the material that dictates the environmental impact. The problem is with use – how people use the products – and design dictating the way in which the system can be far more sustainable. ” – Leyla Acaroglu

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Jakarta EarthFest 2014 at FX Senayan

Jakarta EarthFest 2014 at FX Senayan

Jakarta EarthFest 2014 at FX Senayan

Dalam rangka memperingati hari bumi, XSProject ikut serta bersama dengan vendor produk-produk yang terdapat di Alun-Alun Indonesia berpatisipasi dalam Eco Exhibition di acara Jakarta EarthFest yang diselenggarakan di FX Jakarta. Eco Exhibition ini dimulai dari tanggal 1-10 Maret 2014. Selain itu ada juga acara green talkshow dan workshop yang berisi seputar produk-produk daur ulang. Acara Jakarta EarthFest diadakan selama satu bulan, yaitu dimulai dari tanggal 1 – 30 Maret 2014.

Come and join in Jakarta EarthFair …..

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Workshop Social Media Strategy, 29 Maret 2014 – Kuningan City

workshop sosmed

Workshop Social Media Strategy yang diisi oleh Ainun Chomsun (ainunch@yahoo.com). Dalam waktu yang singkat, sekitar 2 jam materi yang diberikan cukup untuk membantu mengembangkan social Media XSProject kedepannya.

Berikut beberapa point yang saya dapatkan dari workshop tersebut:

#  Tujuan Campaign

-   Target Audience

-   Social Media Platform

-   Content Management

-   Measurement

-  Target Audience

-   Tentukan target audience

-   Visualkan target audience

- Baca, stalking, dan pahami cara target audience terserbut berkomunikasi (apa kesukaannya dan apa yang tidak disuka)

-   Jam-jam target audience sibuk di online

-  Social Media Platform

-   Pilih Social media platform yang sesuai dengan tujuan dan target audience

-   Pelajari masing-masing platform, pilih yang sesuai dengan tujuan campaign

-   Integrasikan semua platform dalam satu Narasi, baik secara design visual maupun copy write Insight

-   Riset on line tentang brand tersebut

-   Interview orang yang sesuai target audience

-   Pooling bertanya di twitter

-   Mengamati perilaku target audience di online

-   FGD

The Story

-    Bangun narasi berdasarkan Insight yang kita temukan dan tujuan yang ingin dicapai

-    Susun Narasi besar

-    Narasi harus spesifik, jangan terlalu lebar issue nya

-    Breakdown Narasi menjadi beberapa tema


-   Content Management

-   Breakdown narasi menjadi beberapa tema, pecah tema-tema tersebut menjadi tema bulanan, mingguan, dan harian untuk content

-    Susun content sesuai tema, baik secara visual, text, video, dan lain-lain

-    Susun content plan secara harian

-   Dynamis content diperlukan untuk menanggapi hal-hal khusus secara langsung atau mengikuti issue yang berkembang saat ini.

Awareness                                  Engagement                                             Call to Action

Ads                                                 Activation                                                     Sales

Influencer                                     Gamification                                                Social activity

Buzzer                                           Service/ Maintenance content                 Attending event

Education                                      Promotion                                                   Joint community



-    Buzzer, orang-orang yang sesuai dengan target audience

-    Influence/KOL (Key Opinion Leader), orang-orang yang mempunyai pengaruh di online dan biasanya mempunyai follower yang banyak

-    Advertising (Ads), seperti FB ads, Google ads, dan lain-lain

-    Measurement

Bila bisnis/kegiatan kecil dan dijalankan sendiri cukup dengan fasilitas social media yang gratisan, yang diperlukan adalah content yang berkesinambungan.Untuk monitoring aktivitas di online, bias menggunakan alat monitor gratisan, walaupun data yang dihasilkan sangat sederhana.

Jika perusahaan/lembaga besar maka data yang dihasilkan cukup besar, sehingga perlu orang khusus yang melakukan monitoring dan analisis. Data hasil monitoring diolah dan dianalisis sehingga menghasilkan laporan yang bias dipertanggungjawabkan dan mudah dipahami oleh orang awam. Laporan itu bias juga digunakan untuk menyusun strategi berkampanye di social media secara tepat.

Crisis Komunikasi

-    Salah account

-    Salah

-    Kesalahan Brand

-    Follower Kecewa

-    Issue Negatif

-    Kasus Hukum

Management Krisis

-    Small : Tim Admin

-    Medium : Tim Admin + Strategic

-    Hard : Tim Khusus

How to Handle Crisis

-    Tenang

-    Responsif bukan reaktif

-  Pahami luas”krisis”nya, apakah ada KOL terlibat/tidak, acc media/jurnalis ada yang terlibat/tidak, dan menjadi berita dimedia online/tidak

-    Susun jawaban secara offline terlebih dulu

-    Susun tim yang akan merespon

-    Think before Posting

Kami juga mendapatkan cukup ilmu di workshop tersebut, salah satunya melalui study kasus Akademi Berbagi dan Toilet Hygienist (Domestos). Semoga kami bisa membangun social media yang lebih baik untuk XSProject kedepannya.

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Annual General Meeting Forum Fair Trade Indonesia (AGM FFTI)

Annual General Meeting Forum Fair Trade Indonesia (AGM FFTI)

Annual General Meeting Forum Fair Trade Indonesia (AGM FFTI)

On 27-28 February 2014, the Annual General Meeting FFTI held at CD Bethesda, Yogyakarta. This annual meeting is a report of FFTI performance accountability 2013, which was attended by all members, ie Pekerti, Apikri, Mitra Bali, Java Ixora, Sahani Organic, Arum Dalu Mekar, CD Craft, XSproject, JPKP Buton, and Lombok Pottery. It also discusses the related issues of membership and the sustainability of FFTI future . As well as plans and strategies to continuously advocating fair trade system and Increasing awareness of the value and purpose of fair trade to the general public.

Pada tanggal 27-28 Februari 2014, Diadakan Rapat Umum Tahunan FFTI di CD Bethesda, Yogyakarta. Rapat tahunan ini berisi Laporan Pertanggunjawaban dari kinerja FFTI 2013 yang dihadiri oleh seluruh anggotanya, yaitu  Pekerti, Apikri, Mitra Bali, Java Ixora, Sahani Organic, Arum Dalu Mekar, CD Craft, XSProject, JPKP Buton, dan Lombok Pottery. Selain itu juga membahas mengenai isu-isu terkait keanggotaan dan keberlangsungan FFTI kedepannya. Serta rencana dan strategi untuk terus mengadvokasikan sistem fair trade dan meningkatakan kepedulian akan nilai dan tujuan dari fair trade kepada masyarakat luas.

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The aim of XSProject is two fold, to reverse damage in the environment through design solutions, and to reduce poverty. By creating new livelihood opportunities for the very poor XS reuses waste picked straight from the waste stream before it is burned or buried in landfills. The lively informal sector of thousands of impoverished trash pickers are the vanguard of Jakarta’s waste removal process, going door to door, taking anything that can be sold for recycling. XSProject buys waste material from them that cannot be recycled, creating new income flows. Our XSEducation program provides trash picker’s children with education giving them a path out of poverty, away from trash heaps and disease. Our products embody environmental and social care.

For view video visit http://zooppa.com/en-all/ads/ibm-people-for-smarter-cities/videos/xsproject

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Meet the Students and Pre-Schoolers From Jakarta's Trash Picker Community


By Karen McDaniels – Project Leader

This is XSProject’s first GlobalGiving Project Report for “Give an Education to a Trash Picker’s Child”. You are one of our very first donors and we have prepared this introductory report just for you. In the past, we linked the education of the children to our sister project that helps the Jakarta, Indonesia trash picker community “Generate Income and Hope From Non-Recyclable Garbage.” Due to the growing needs and number of children at the Cirendeu garbage dump, we decided to dedicate a project just to them.

In 2004, XSProject supported the education of just 16 children from the trash picker community. Ten years later, we are supporting 57 students! Of the 42 students in elementary school this year, the largest group is Grade 1 with 12 students. There are also 15 students in High School or Middle School that will be graduating soon and going on to vocational school or college.

Back at the garbage dump, our group of loving volunteer expat mothers are helping 54 children under the age of 5 at the XSVillage Pre-School. These moms teach the children to count, recite the alphabet and write their names in preparation for entering Grade 1. You can see from the pictures that this is a very unconventional pre-school. A large tarp serves as the floor and there are no desks or chairs.

On Tuesdays and Thursdays, when the elementary school children return home, they also find their way to XSVillage Pre-School to get help with homework and to take part in arts and crafts projects.

We have many needs, but really one goal, which is that every child living in the trash picker community, receives a complete education. It takes a lot of planning and organizing to get 57 kids to school each day, but the XSProject team loves every minute of it. Thank you for making this possible. We’ll share more with you about the students next month.

 A Young Student from the Trash Picker Community

A Young Student from the Trash Picker Community



Pre School at XSVillage

Pre School at XSVillage

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