Opening Preparation Class for First Grade in the School Year 2015

Opening Preparation Class for First Grade in the School Year 2015

This activity is a kind of preparation class for the children to get additional learning to prepare them to grade 1 in the school year 2015. In this class, the child are given a basic knowledge for prepare them to grade 1 (elementary school), teach them writing, reading, math, and drawing. 

This class opening on Monday, September 29th, 2014 and start classes from October 1th until June 2015, it is every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 8am-11am. This class for childrens from XSProject community who’s age is 6 – 7 years, they are about 10 or 11 Kids. They are given lesson by 2 teachers, Miss Kiki and Miss Asih. This Program is not just for the children but also for the parents. So, this is more than just preparing to grade 1, but basic values – which is become the first priority before basic knowledge to grade 1.

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Program Nutrisi Wismilak and XSHealth

Program Nutrisi Wismilak and XSHealth

Corporate social responsibility (CSR, also called corporate responsibility, corporate citizenship, responsible business and corporate social opportunity) is a concept whereby organizations consider the interests of society by taking responsibility for the impact of their activities on customers, suppliers, employees, shareholders, communities and other stakeholders, as well as the environment.

One form of CSR Wismilak a Program healthy feeding for children of the XsProject Trashpickers community in Cirendeu. Program providing healthy and nutritious meals will be held every week at 14.00 after the kids come home from school.

To begin this activity, September 18th, 2014, the children were given green bean porridge. This activity is planned sustainable by providing healthy and nutritious food types that varies in each implementation.

Thank you Wismilak :)

APA ITU CSR (Corporate Social Responsibilty) ?

Sekilas info, CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) adalah suatu tindakan atau konsep yang dilakukan oleh perusahaan (sesuai kemampuan perusahaan tersebut) sebagai bentuk tanggungjawab mereka terhadap sosial/lingkungan sekitar dimana perusahaan itu berada.

Salah satu bentuk CSR dari wismilak berupa program pemberian makanan sehat kepada anak-anak dari komunitas pemulung XSProject di Cirendeu. Program pemberian makanan sehat dan bernutrisi ini akan dilaksanakan setiap seminggu sekali pada jam 14.00 setelah anak-anak pulang sekolah.

Untuk mengawali kegiatan ini, tanggal 18 September 2014, anak-anak diberi bubur kacang hijau. Kegiatan ini direncanakan berkesinambungan dengan memberikan jenis makanan sehat dan bernutrisi yang berbeda-beda di setiap pelaksanaan.

Terima kasih Wismilak :)

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Tetanus Vaccination – Second Shot

Tetanus Vaccination - Second Shot

Tetanus Vaccination – Second Shot

On Monday, 25th of August was held a second tetanus vaccine in Cirendeu. Second the vaccine aimed to strengthen the vaccine before, so it has immunity against tetanus infection in a longer period of time (Coverage up to 3 years protection).

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First grade in new school year

First grade in new school year

First grade in new school year

Before the new school year has already started from the beginning of July. Because it coincided with Ramadan, the learning activity only lasted one week connected with Ramadan and Eid holidays.

After a fairly long holiday, effective learning activities begin again early this August. Children also cannot wait and very excited to to go to school. their excitement are very visible to the expressions they spend, before class starts here and there they play their school yard.

This is the first level in their education. they Still a long way to study until they achieve their goals. their Education rely on support from all of us. Do not let them drop out of education in the middle of road to his ambition.

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Puppet Show in Cirendeu with Happiness Project and XSproject

Puppet Show in Cirendeu with Happiness Project and XSproject

Puppet Show in Cirendeu with Happiness Project and XSproject

Happiness porject community held activities with children from elementary and junior high XSproject Community to fill their school holidays in Cirendeu. The event lasted for two days, ie Saturday and Sunday. All purposes and equipment are provided solely by Proect Happiness.

The first meeting on July 12, 2014 attended by the children of the junior XSproject Community. This activity is filled with dolls made ??of paper and a discussion about what the story will be sung when the puppet show later. They are excited by the wide range of story ideas for the show later.

The second day, on July 13, 2014, the last meeting which was attended by the children of the elementary and junior high XSproject Community. children from elementary school children also made ??paper dolls, after the kids showing the puppet performances stories that yesterday they made themselves. The children listen to the story carefully delivered by a brother from the Happiness Project. After the show finished, held a mini quiz. The children are excited to scramble to answer the questions given. At the end of the show Happiness Project gives gifts to all the children who attend. They were all very pleased to be filled holiday with Happiness Project.

Thank you Happiness Project, awaited the other exciting activities in Cirendeu.

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Eye Check up Part.2

Eye Check up Part.2

Eye Check up Part.2

This second further  medical checkup for kids from the first check up who given for mothers from Cirenedeu. Kiki and Nurul Nurse From RSIA Lestari who examine the kids eye’s. The Check up using Optotype Snellen, Ring card Landolt, E test card, and Sheridan/Gardiner test card. Optotype Snellen consist of series of letters with different size and gradual also consists of a series of letters arranged in a horizontal row, letters that top is the big one, getting more lower more smaller. Patients Optotype Snellen able to read from a distance of 6 m , because in this distance the eye will see things in rest condition or without accommodation . the reading start with using right eye by firstly closing the left eye. And then doing by interchangeably. While waiting for their turn, the children can play and read a books that are available.

Activity eye examination is held because previously there was one of the child scavengers called Bagas have sickness of myopia eye disorders, so that required examination by an ophthalmologist and now Bagas wear glasses. Was recorded About 40 children in the public eye examination was attend on Friday, July 4, 2014, and almost most of the children were experiencing of eye disorders have sickness of myopia.

Hopefully with the holding of eye examination and eyeglasses given to those who suffer from myopia may help them to better focus on learning so that they get the achievements that can change their lives better in the future.

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Counseling “keluarga Berencana / Planned Family”

Counseling “keluarga Berencana / Planned Family”

Counseling “keluarga Berencana / Planned Family”

Planned Family or known as Keluarga berencana (KB) is a movement to build a healthy family dan prosperous with limiting births. This movement began in proclaimed since tha last of 1970’s. KB was significantly planned a member of family with limiting the amount of member by using contraception or prevention of birth tools such as condoms, spiral,IUD and etc. the ideal member in family  is two.

Knowledge about KB is highly important for XSProject Community that already have been family. so that’s why, holding of this extension are able to get knowledge about family planned or known as Keluarga Berencana from multiple viewpoint so could be able to give the benefit for their life in the future.

This Counseling was delivered by Nurse Hesti helped by Nurse Yanti from RSIA Lestari. Women’s from XSproject community very interested and enthusiastic by asking question around KB to the nurse. The counseling ended by giving outpatient card from RSIA Lestari for the mothers who willing to use the proper contraception as they needs.

Thank you RSIA Lestari.

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