Puppet Show in Cirendeu with Happiness Project and XSproject

Puppet Show in Cirendeu with Happiness Project and XSproject

Puppet Show in Cirendeu with Happiness Project and XSproject

Happiness porject community held activities with children from elementary and junior high XSproject Community to fill their school holidays in Cirendeu. The event lasted for two days, ie Saturday and Sunday. All purposes and equipment are provided solely by Proect Happiness.

The first meeting on July 12, 2014 attended by the children of the junior XSproject Community. This activity is filled with dolls made ??of paper and a discussion about what the story will be sung when the puppet show later. They are excited by the wide range of story ideas for the show later.

The second day, on July 13, 2014, the last meeting which was attended by the children of the elementary and junior high XSproject Community. children from elementary school children also made ??paper dolls, after the kids showing the puppet performances stories that yesterday they made themselves. The children listen to the story carefully delivered by a brother from the Happiness Project. After the show finished, held a mini quiz. The children are excited to scramble to answer the questions given. At the end of the show Happiness Project gives gifts to all the children who attend. They were all very pleased to be filled holiday with Happiness Project.

Thank you Happiness Project, awaited the other exciting activities in Cirendeu.

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Eye Check up Part.2

Eye Check up Part.2

Eye Check up Part.2

This second further  medical checkup for kids from the first check up who given for mothers from Cirenedeu. Kiki and Nurul Nurse From RSIA Lestari who examine the kids eye’s. The Check up using Optotype Snellen, Ring card Landolt, E test card, and Sheridan/Gardiner test card. Optotype Snellen consist of series of letters with different size and gradual also consists of a series of letters arranged in a horizontal row, letters that top is the big one, getting more lower more smaller. Patients Optotype Snellen able to read from a distance of 6 m , because in this distance the eye will see things in rest condition or without accommodation . the reading start with using right eye by firstly closing the left eye. And then doing by interchangeably. While waiting for their turn, the children can play and read a books that are available.

Activity eye examination is held because previously there was one of the child scavengers called Bagas have sickness of myopia eye disorders, so that required examination by an ophthalmologist and now Bagas wear glasses. Was recorded About 40 children in the public eye examination was attend on Friday, July 4, 2014, and almost most of the children were experiencing of eye disorders have sickness of myopia.

Hopefully with the holding of eye examination and eyeglasses given to those who suffer from myopia may help them to better focus on learning so that they get the achievements that can change their lives better in the future.

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Counseling “keluarga Berencana / Planned Family”

Counseling “keluarga Berencana / Planned Family”

Counseling “keluarga Berencana / Planned Family”

Planned Family or known as Keluarga berencana (KB) is a movement to build a healthy family dan prosperous with limiting births. This movement began in proclaimed since tha last of 1970’s. KB was significantly planned a member of family with limiting the amount of member by using contraception or prevention of birth tools such as condoms, spiral,IUD and etc. the ideal member in family  is two.

Knowledge about KB is highly important for XSProject Community that already have been family. so that’s why, holding of this extension are able to get knowledge about family planned or known as Keluarga Berencana from multiple viewpoint so could be able to give the benefit for their life in the future.

This Counseling was delivered by Nurse Hesti helped by Nurse Yanti from RSIA Lestari. Women’s from XSproject community very interested and enthusiastic by asking question around KB to the nurse. The counseling ended by giving outpatient card from RSIA Lestari for the mothers who willing to use the proper contraception as they needs.

Thank you RSIA Lestari.

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Eye Check Up for XSProject Community

Eye Check Up for XSProject Community

Eye Check Up for XSProject Community

One of XSHealth Program is free eye checkup which gave by XSProject co worked with dr.Titi from RSIA Lestari. This program held every Friday (27 June 214) at 09.00 – 11.00 WIB. And estimated will be held 2 or 3 meeting every Friday. Because this Eye Checkup given for all  XSProject Community ( which is for Dad, Mom, and their children), around 90 up to 100 Person.

Dr Titi helped by Kiki and Nurul Nurses from RSIA Lestari. This nurses who helped Dr.Titi checking the patient. In This first Fridy there been around 35 person who will be schedule to take a checkup. Most of them is farsighted (mostly affected to people age of 40 and above), they instantly given farsighted glasses. And the teenagers mostly have problem with nearsighted glasses. For this kind of case will be given further examination at RSIA Lestari Hospital that will be scheduled with Dr.Titi.

Mothers who received eye glasses is very pleased, because they could see and read more clearly than before. And they very helped to do their routine activity especially to make the craft (such as sequin and sewing) for additional income.

Tharnk you to dr. Titi and RSIA Lestari for Eye Glasses donations.

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Tetanus Vaccination Day at Cirendeu

Tetanus Vaccination Day at Cirendeu

Tetanus Vaccination Day at Cirendeu

XSproject held in collaboration with the Rotary Club of tetanus vaccine for XSproject community in Cirendeu on Sunday, 15 April 2014. Giving a tetanus toksoid (TT) vaccine to adult man and women that divided into 5 term. Which is as follow:

  • TT 1 : Sunday, April 15th 2014
  • TT 2 : 4 weeks after the first TT
    Coverage up to 3 years protection
  • TT 3 : 6 months after the second TT
    Coverage up to 5 years protection
  • TT 4 : 6 months after TT 3
    Coverage up to ten years of protection
  • TT 5 : one year after TT 4
    Coverage up to 25 years of protection

XSProject bekerja sama dengan Rotary Club mengadakan Vaksinasi Tetanus bagi komunitas XSproject di Cirendeu pada hari Minggu, 15 April 2014. Vaksin Toksoid Tetanus (TT) diberikan kepada laki-laki dan wanita dewasa yang dilakukan sebanyak 5 kali. Yaitu sebagai berikut:

  • TT 1 : Minggu, 15 April 2014
  • TT 2 : 4 minggu setelah TT pertama
    Mencangkup perlindungan sampai dengan 3 tahun
  • TT 3 : 6 bulan setelah TT kedua
    Mencangkup perlindungan sampai dengan 5 tahun
  • TT 4 : 6 bulan setelah TT ketiga
    Mencangkup perlindungan sampai dengan10 tahun
  • TT 5 : satu tahun setelah TT keempat
    Mencangkup perlindungan sampai dengan 25 tahun

The aim of repetition of giving a tetanus vaccine for giving a maximum immune to the body against tetanus infection. It is given by Dr. Faauzan that helped with 3 volunteers nurses, 1 local nurse and 2 nurses from Rotary Club (they are Crystal, Summer, and Debbie). The tetanus vaccine is given to to XSProject Community (adult man and women above 17th years old) at garbage dump, Cirendeu.

Tujuan pengulangan pemberian vaksin tetanus ini untuk memberikan kekebalan yang maximal pada tubuh terhadap infeksi tetanus. Vaksin Tetanus ini diberikan oleh Dr.Fauzan dan dibantu dengan 3 suster (1 suster dari lokal dan 3 suster dari Rotary Club, Crystal, Summer, and Debbie). Vaksin ini diberikan kepada komunitas XSProject (Para wanita dan laiki-laki dewasa di atas usia 17 tahun) di pembuangan sampah Cirendeu.

Tetanus vaccine aims to give the immunity as the effort for prevention of tetanus infection. Giving a tetanus vaccine is highly recommended for an adult women and man especially for those who live and work at surround garbage dump area that really vulnerable of tetanus infection,  which is trash piles of scrap metals and rusty nails that potentially could bring infection.

Vaksin tetanus bertujuan untuk memberikan imunitas/kekebalan sebagai upaya pencegahan terhadap infeksi tetanus. Pemberian vaksin tetanus sangat dianjurkan pada pria dan wanita dewasa terutama mereka yang tinggal dan bekerja diwilayah pembuangan sampah yang sangat rawan akan terkena infeksi tetanus, yaitu berupa tumpukan sampah besi bekas dan paku-paku berkarat yang berpotensi menimbulkan infeksi tetanus apabila terkena luka yang disebabkan oleh benda-benda tersebut.

Tetanus vaccine recommended also for the women who wants to marry and will birth to increase her immune and her womb against tetanus infection, also to decrease infant mortality rate because of tetanus.

Vaksin tetanus dianjurkan juga untuk diberikan kepada wanita yang akan menikah dan akan melahirkan agar dapat meningkatkan kekebalan tubuhnya dan janin dalam kandungannya terhadap infeksi tetanus, serta untuk menurunkan angka kematian bayi akibat infeksi tetanus.

So that’s why Rotary Club with XSProject help to give tetanus vaccine and provide counseling about tetanus infection through this event. Hope with this event they could be more carefully and aware about their health.

Oleh karena itu, Rotary Club bekerja sama dengan XSProject membantu dengan memberikan vaksin tetanus serta memberikan penyuluhan mengenai infeksi tetanus melalui kegiatan ini. Semoga dengan kegiatan ini mereka bisa lebih berhati-hati dan sadar akan kesehatan diri mereka.

Thank you All, see you next event!

Terima Kasih banyak kepada semua yang telah membantu, Sampai bertemu di acara selanjutnya!

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Tutoring in Preparation to Primary School (Grade 1)

Tutoring in Preparation to Primary School (Grade 1)

Tutoring in Preparation to Primary School (Grade 1)

This activity is a kind of tutoring for the children to get additional learning to prepare them to grade 1 next month. It was held from April until June 2014, it is every Friday and Saturday 10-12 AM at Cirendeu.

Kegiatan ini merupakan sejenis bimbingan belajar untuk anak-anak agar mendapatkan pembelajaran tambahan untuk mempersiapkan diri mereka masuk Sekolah Dasar (kelas 1) pada bulan depan. Bimbingan belajar ini berlangsung dari bulan April sampai Juni 2014, setiap hari Jumat dan Sabtu pukul 10-12 AM di Cirendeu.

The activities that follow are children from XSProject community who’s age is 6 – 7 years, they are about 10 or 11 Kids. They are given lesson tutoring by 3 volunteer from PAUD/ECD (early childhood education) teachers Paseban village, Senen sub-district.

Kegiatan yang diikuti oleh anak-anak dari komunitas XSproject yang berusia 6 – 7 tahun, mereka berjumlah sekitar 10 atau 11 anak-anak. Mereka diberi pelajaaran oleh 3 guru relawan dari PAUD / ECD (pendidikan anak usia dinidesa Paseban, Kec. Senen.

In this tutoring this child are given a basic knowledge for prepare them to grade 1 (elementary school), teach them writing, reading, math, and drawing. While this is the first time this program been held.

Dalam bimbingan belajar ini anak-anak diberikan pengetahuan dasar untuk persiapan masuk sekolah dasar, yaitu mereka diajari menulis, membaca, berhitung, dan menggambar. Ini adalah kali pertama Program Bimbingan belajar diadakan untuk anak-anak pemulung di Cirendeu.

This tutoring activity is needed because of so many child from XSProject community who do not follow PAUD/ECD, so they had no enough source of knowledge to through life. Because the tests entering elementary school (Grade 1) in Indonesia now requires the children are able to read, write and recognize numbers. The Pre-School Class that is in Cirendeu every Tuesday and Thursday a volunteer only teach crafts, personality, and more to play around.

Bimbingan belajar ini diperlukan karena banyak anak-anak dari komunitas Cirendeu ini yang tidak mengikuti PAUD/ECD (early childhood education), sehingga mereka belum mempunyai bekal yang cukup. Karena sekarang ini tes masuk Sekolah Dasar di Indonesia mewajibkan anak-anak sudah dapat membaca, menulis, dan mengenal angka. Adapun Pre-School Class yang ada di Cirendeu setiap hari selasa dan kamis sukarelawan mengajarkan kerajinan tangan, kepribadian, dan lebih banyak bermain.

Long-term goal, the XSproject is planning to make PAUD/ECD (Early Childhood Education) to XSProject community in Cirendeu.

Tujuan jangka panjangnya XSProject berencana membuat PAUD untuk komunitas pemulung di Cirendeu.

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Health Screening @JIS 2014

Health Screening @JIS 2014

Health Screening @JIS 2014

In the context of healthcare, The XSproject  community organize a medical checkup or known or popular with Health screening, the event  held regularly once in 6 month  for the trash picker from cirendeu.

And at 19th of may 2014, the Health Screening held at JIS, Around 30th  of family from cirendeu that attend  to participate for this medical checkup. One of the participant Bagas ( 7th year old) with his grandma. In the health screening before the complain from bagas he is unable to read form normal distance.

From that check up bagas could know what he complain is  a nearsighted vision impairment or minus on the eyes. In the health screening this time bagas complaining about physically unfit, which is cough is his main problem. From this health screening gave so many benefit for those who couldn’t take a medical checkup routinely at hospital because of financial problem.

On this occasion health screening divided into three group. First group is for children under 5 years. And then continue it by children from primary school along with all of mothers and the last children from junior school and high school, and man.   In the middle of wait their turn examination, the children were invited to play, exercise, and making crafts which mentored by JIS students. The children were very excited and happy. Before returning the children are given parcel containing a toothbrush, toothpaste, vitamins and plaster.

After Health Screening Event, was held a mini fashion show from the works of sewing class kids from the Cirendeu junior high school that previously held on every Wednesday during 3 month. This sewing class held by the JIS students, they teach Cirendeu junior high school making patterns, cutting material and sewing skirt. Besides skirts, they also teach a simple sablon above the shirt. The results of this sewing class that was exhibited in a mini fashion show.

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